History of Modern Political Thought in East-Central Europe

Centre for Advances Study (CAS), Sofia
European Research Council (ERC)
The principal aim of the Project is a synthetic volume on the history of modern political thought in East Central Europe.

15th Core Group Meeting

Aug 11

The meeting was attended by the core group members. The main task was to write specific country-related paragraphs into those draft chapters that are near completion. In the previous meeting that took place in Berlin, each of the core group members was assigned a set of tasks, related to the country/region that enters his field of competence. During the meeting in Dre┼żnica, the content related to these tasks was filled into the text.

In the meeting we also decided on the following: 

  • The most important task is that draft chapters should be finalized as soon as possible, so that they can be sent around and shown also to external experts. All chapters should reach a certain level of narrative consistency by the end of the year, so that we can focus on their upgrading. In the next months, we should focus mostly on upgrading the already written chapters (sketches into drafts, drafts into finalized versions). Sketches to be sent at least one week in advance
  • By December, we should have the drafts (or at least the extended sketches) of all chapters. 
  •  We should intensify the interaction with the broader circle of associate researchers participating in the project, to localize the missing issues from the political cultures represented by them.
  •  Each of us should collect data concerning the vernacular translations and editions of the following canonic books of political thought. If the given text was not translated, please indicate if similar text from the same author was. The list of texts:


  1. Montesquieu, De l'esprit des lois
  2. Rousseau, Du contrat social
  3. Herder, Abhandlung über den Ursprung der Sprache
  4. Smith, The Wealth of Nations
  5. Tocqueville, De la Démocratie en Amérique
  6. J.S. Mill, On Liberty
  7. Marx –Engels, Communist Manifesto
  8. Kropotkin, Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
  9. Spencer, Social statics
  10. Spengler, Der Untergang des Abendlandes
  11. Benda, La trahision des clercs
  12. Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism
  13. Foucault, Surveiller et punir
  14. Rawls, A Theory of Justice


  • Each of us should continue writing a narrative sketch of the history of political thought in our own national (or regional) context. In doing so, we should be particularly careful to include the texts which were framing the contemporary discourse (economic, legal texts, etc.), but which have fallen out of the canon.


  • After having received the bibliography on Jewish studies, each one should send his/her questions and suggestions for further extension


  • We have put together a list of books from Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia to be copied form local libraries: similar lists of books, which cannot be reached from outside, should be compiled by December the latest.


  • We also greet Alex Voronovici (Moldavia) and Khrystyna Chushak (Ukraine) as new members of the project group.

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