History of Modern Political Thought in East-Central Europe

Centre for Advances Study (CAS), Sofia
European Research Council (ERC)
The Principal aim of the Project is a synthetic volume on the history of modern political thought in East Central Europe

17th Core Group Meeting

Jan 12

Participants: Monika Baar, Rytis Bulota, Maria Falina, Ivars Ijabs, Maciej Janowski, Michal Kopecek, Zsofia Lorand, Ostap Sereda Balazs Trencsenyi, Ivana Trkulja, Piotr Wcislik, Alexandr Voronovici

During the meeting we discussed the following drafts: finalized full Enlightenment draft, 1848 subchapter in the making, subchapters on critical turns and positivism,  fin-de-siecle national question/federalism/supranationalism, conservativism, national agendas and social transformation during WWI, collaborationism during WWII, post-1945 exile, authoritarian rule, post-1989 postmodern politics, new left. We also had a workshop on the broader “Russian-Soviet" imperial and post-imperial contexts of Baltic, Ukrainian and Moldavian political thought of the 19th and 20th centuries, with presentations and comments by Ivars, Rytis, Alex and Ostap, also using the very useful materials sent to us by Khrystyna.

During the meeting we agreed upon the following:

1, Main tasks of writing

Monika is to finish the Romantic chapters and work on the integration of Lithuanian materials, together with Rytis.  

Maciej is to finish the remaining late 119th century chapters as well as to rework turn of the century conservativism, nationalism, and modernism. :  

Masha is to finalize the subchapters on WWI and WWII as well as help finalizing the interwar sections.

Balazs to finish the conceptual and stylistic editing of the Enlightenment chapter to be sent around to external commentators. Finalize the remaining interwar sections, rework the post-1945 sections, expand the cultural upsurge of the 60s and its political aspects subchapter and work on the dilemmas of state-building after 1989 section

Michal is to work alos on the post-1945 chapters together with Balazs, write Perestrioka reformism, and continue the post-1989 chapters.

2, Next meetings:

  • Sarajevo, March 29th– April 2nd (co-organizers Masha, Balazs and Elvis) – with a seminar involving local scholars
  •  Tirana, May 31st –June 4th/5th (on 1st of June workshop on Albanian political thought, organizer: Lea)
  •  Lviv, 5th - 10th September (in coordination with Ostap)
  •  EUI Florence, early November 2012  
  • Budapest/or Bratislava January 2013
  • Sofia, March 2013; final conference

3. Other issues

•    In April the first round of negotiations with publishers will be started.

•    We invited Rytis and Ivana to join the project, Rytis dealing with Lithuanian 20th c. contexts, Ivana focusing on post-1989 political thought in the post-Yugoslav contexts.

•    Attila sent in the reworked Jewish bibliography, which we will now need to work into our chapter plan and general bibliographies.

•    Luka’s Research Assistant position is terminated as of 1 January 2012. He will continue to work on the Slovenian materials and the chapters he already started. The administrative functions will be taken over by Alexandra Lazau-Ratz, starting with a trial period of three months.

•    We returned to the issue of collecting typical quotes and idiosyncratic expressions from the different contexts for “enriching” the manuscript

•    The editing of the thematic issue of East Central Europe is almost finished, the planned table of contents is:

Coping with Plurality: Nationalist and Multinational Frames of Mind in East Central European Political Thought, 1880 1940

Ivan Zoltan Denes, Political versus Ethnic Nation: Dilemmas of Making a Divide    
Elvis Fejzic, Political Thought it Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Time of the Austro-Hungarian Rule
Ivars Ijabs, The Nation of Socialist Intelligentsia: Political Thought of Early Latvian Socialism
Kaarel Piirimae, Federalism in the Baltic: Estonian concepts and practices, 1905-1945
Lea Ypi, Dilemmas of Nation-building in Interwar Albanian Political Thought    
Diana Mishkova, Southeastern Europe as a Supranational space in late 19th – mid 20th cc academic projects  
Nevenko Bartulin, Biopolitical Discourses in Croatia in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

  •    The proceedings from the Prague conference will be edited as a book, by Piotr and Michal. They are also contacting the actual and potential authors, and will also add texts coming from the project, such as Rytis and Ivana.

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