History of Modern Political Thought in East-Central Europe

Centre for Advances Study (CAS), Sofia
European Research Council (ERC)
The principal aim of the Project is a synthetic volume on the history of modern political thought in East Central Europe.

1st Core Group Meeting

Apr 08

In the meeting of the ‘core group', the following resolutions have been made:

  • The next meetings: June 14th -15th in Budapest. The tentative dates of the following meetings are November Budapest; mid-January Ljubljana. In each case a meeting with relevant local specialists will be organized, in the form of short project presentation and then discussion about topics relevant for the locals and the project as well.
  • Until Summer, each of the members of the group should finalize the sketch of the list of thinkers to be inserted in the Outline for the envisioned volume, preferably in the categories sketched in the outline. Until the end of the year we finish the breakdown of the different subchapters and link them to these lists, until January we come up with the first non-narrative sketches of the units, and until May 2009 we produce the first "chapter models" already based on collective feedback.
  • Until the next meeting, we collect basic topoi and key concepts that come up in the texts we thought of, representative of the given discourse or idiosyncratic, but expressive. This list should include also phrases, political metaphors, and "counter-concepts" (for ex. "Anti-Communism" etc.).
  • We shall develop a list of potential outside experts contributing to the volume; especially for those regions and/or fields of expertise we lack the necessary knowledge.
  • We start compiling the list of reference volumes dealing with the history of the region: both a) volumes on the history of political thought in E-C Europe and, b) volumes on general history of the region, but transcending the single national narratives, c) basic histories of political thought of Europe.
  • We start compiling a reader containing texts that are important from the methodological point of view: either those from which we can draw some example or those, which are paramount for the methodological aspects of our project. We shall divide the readings among us.
  • We start making a comprehensive bibliography of political texts from the region that can be made available for a broader public on the future website.
  • We shall consolidate the list of hosting institutions for our further meetings. We shall also compile a list of institutions around the region we would want to visit and possibly organize our meetings in: Bucharest, Belgrade, Warsaw, Ljubljana, Prague, Zagreb, Czernowitz, Lviv, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik, Berlin, Gorizia, Vilnius.

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