History of Modern Political Thought in East-Central Europe

Centre for Advances Study (CAS), Sofia
European Research Council (ERC)
The principal aim of the Project is a synthetic volume on the history of modern political thought in East Central Europe.

22nd Core group Meeting

Jan 13

Memo of the 22nd ERC Negotiating Modernity Project Meeting
CAS Sofia, 17-21 January 2013

Participants: Monika Baár, Maria Falina, Maciej Janowski, Michal Kopeček, Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič, Balázs Trencsényi, Ivana Trkulja, Guests: Jolanta Mickute, Ferenc Laczó, Kateřina Čapková, Daniela Kalkandjieva

1. The meeting

The meeting focused on themes that are still in need of further development as well as on  problems of organizing the narrative of the book. With the participation of our guests we had a one-day special discussion on the subchapters linked to Jewish political thought and anti-Semitism. We also had an extended discussion on the chapter mapping the relationship of Church and politics after 1945 and listened to Ivana’s overview of post-1989 discussions in Bulgaria and Macedonia.

2. Next meeting:

Sofia, 14-18 March 2013; with the final conference on 15-16 March.

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